Painful Bump on the Head


I noticed I had a bump on the right side of my head while I was washing my hair a few days ago.  I don’t think I hit my head.  As I went to a clinic today, I informed the oncologist.  After she examined my bump, it got more tender and hurt even with a yawn.

“ Where should we start?”  Washing her hands doctor pondered for a while, and then she recommended a CT scan.

Radiation on my brain?  No!

A chest and abdominal CT scan is due now, and I don’t want to add more radiation especially on my head.

“ How about a MRI?” I asked.

She said a MRI would be  too big a deal.

“Then a PET?”

“No, PET is not good because the brain has so many activities,” she said.

Finally we decided to start with an ultrasound scan.

I didn’t think about it seriously, but talking with the doctor, I realized this could be a cancer.  One after another—concerns continue.   I just bought a ticket to go to Japan.  Can I leap over this new hurdle and enjoy the trip?  I have to pray more.


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