New Challenge: Peripheral Neuropathy

“Some people may experience temporary numbness, tingling, and pricking sensations (paresthesia), sensitivity to touch, or muscle weakness. Others may suffer more extreme symptoms, including burning pain (especially at night), muscle wasting, paralysis, or organ or gland dysfunction. People may become unable to digest food easily, maintain safe levels of blood pressure, sweat normally, or experience normal sexual function. In the most extreme cases, breathing may become difficult or organ failure may occur.”

This article included all my symptoms which have been concerning me more and more recently.  Not only numbness and tingling, but also cramps, the weakened legs, stiffness which now I experience even with fingers, and shortness of breath during the night—all of them must have happened because of peripheral neuropathy!

Two years ago I quit taxol that erased the metastasized cancer in the mediastinal lymph nodes to prevent the symptom of peripheral neuropathy from getting worse. Yet the miracle drug, T-DM1, might have the same side effect.  My symptoms are getting severer than last year.

It has been  7 weeks since I changed from T-DM1 to Perjeta+ Herceptin, but the symptoms have not improved yet.  I wonder if Perjeta, the drug approved two years ago,  may also affect the peripheral nerves.  Peripheral neuropathy is irreversible according to many websites.  Even if I can beat cancer, I may wind up to be in wheelchair.

That doesn’t sound good.  I have to do something.

2 thoughts on “New Challenge: Peripheral Neuropathy

  1. He who began a good work in you will be faithful to complete it in you!
    Philipians 1:6
    God says, “I will never leave you or forsake you.” Hebrews13:5

    Trust in the Lord with all your heart mind and soul Kathy, we do not know what the doctors or medicine will do BUT
    We Do Know that God Loves you so much with out a doubt and we pray for your strength and power to embrace, “His will be done”.

    Kathy I pray for your continued healing!
    That God brings you clear understanding of what this new medicine is doing and that God gives you the Wisdom, Strength and Faith to follow His guidance.
    I pray for God’s healing over you and this medicine, doctors, and that you Kathy are Gods vessel to bring the doctors and nurse to see God Miracle in you! Giving All Glory to God!

    “He restoreth my soul:
    He leadeth me on the path of Righteousness for His Name’s sake.”

    Aloha Ke Akua
    “God Is Love”

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