Israel Trip: 4) Dead Sea Therapy


The Dead Sea where Jordan River pours in, the southern border of the Promised Land, is 400m lower than the sea level and the lowest surface of the earth. The name of Dead Sea was given because the concentration of the salt is almost ten times high as the ocean and no creature can live there. Yet, as this sea has rich minerals, it is famous with cosmetic products and has therapeutic reputation for such as arthritis, neuropathy, or even asthma. Our guide also told us that we won’t have sun burn because the UV ray doesn’t reach if the altitude is lower than the sea.

Dead Sea

the white salt shore


David was hiding cave to cave from Saul like in this rocky mountain


Wicked cities, Sodom and Gomura destroyed by God seemed to exist in the south side of Dead Sea, and King David, Solomon’s father, ran away from King Saul, who wanted to kill David, hiding in caves around this area when He was still serving Saul. Quamron, where The Dead Sea scrolls are found,  is also near this area. image


Before 9 am, It was already warm enough to get into the water. Since I have lots of scars from skin rash, I waded slowly being afraid that the salty water would burn me, but yay! I could float!
And surely enough, my skin got smooth after bathing. I wish I could  stay longer for this amazing water therapy, , but now it is time to go to Jerusalem , the last destination of the trip, where Jesus was crucified, resurrected, and will return!

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