Israel Trip : 3). I Can’t Help Crying

Everywhere I go I become emotional and I can’t help crying.

When George and I renewed the wedding vow performed by Ron, the brother in law just like 20 years ago,

Renewal of vow
When I was rebaptized in the Jordan River, the same river in which Jesus was baptized,


When we went to an area of Capernaum, the lake side where Peter was restored by Jesus who asked him three times ” Do you love me?”, the mountain of the beatitude; the places Jesus performed miracles and taught about Heavenly Father, His kingdom, and the salvation,


Capernaum, where Jesus lived, taught frequently and performed many miracles, was a prosperous fishing port city.

and when I heard familiar worship songs in Hebrew on a boat on the Sea of Galilee,

Sea of Galelli

I was moved so much that tears ran on my cheek. I finally came to Jesus’ homeland, who is my savior. As though the still water of the Sea of Galilee were welcoming me, I felt Jesus so close and overwhelmed. ( If I meet Him face to face in His kingdom, how much more will I cry?!). He made this trip possible and invited me here! How great is our God!

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