Israel Trip : 2) Three Thousand Year Old Port City

I did arrive in Israel without any problem!

The airport of Tel Aviv was big , clean, and no long lines at all.  There was even nobody at the customs and no sign of the threatening tension.  Actually the security of LAX was much tighter.

The weather was surprisingly  sunny and warm like summer! This must be the Mediterranean climate.

Jaffa (Joppa)

 Mediterranean Sea and Tel Aviv

The port Jaffa  overlooking  the city  of  Tel Aviv

Jaffa ( Joppa)


We drove about a half hour from Tel Aviv along the shore of Mediterranean Sea. The view changed from a crammed modern town to an old town with brown bricks and arch shaped widows. It was Jappa (Joppa), the oldest port town in Israel, where Jonah in the Old Testament ran away from God when he was told to go to Ninevah, and where King Solomon imported the cedar for the temple. This town has been there at least for three thousand years.
Acts 9  in New Testament tells a story that  Peter  resurrected Tabitha in Joppa and stayed a long time in this town living with Simon a tanner whose house was near the shore.  Peter saw a vision that  told him to proclaim the gospel not only for Jews but also for the Gentiles, and from here the gospel spread to the world.

Surely, there was the Simon’s house  right in front of the shore.
Teh House of Simon the Tanner
Our tour guide, who is a Messianic Jew , said dead animals were considered unclean for Jews, and even now bringing home the smell of animals could be a reason of divorce, so Peter staying at a tanner’s, was beyond comprehension and very radical 2000 years ago.

God’s grace is much bigger than our imagination, and if Peter hadn’t obeyed God, the gospel had not been spread to the world, and I would’ve not have been saved.

I also saw several wedding couples taking pictures in front of a house, on the narrow stares, or a cobbled street. They were so compatible and beautiful with the character of this old town, and  I learned that Jaffa was popular for photo shooting.

A Wedding Couple in Jaffa (Joppa)
As we left Jaffa, the temperature dropped quickly and I had to wear a winter jacket.  I got exhausted.  It was a long sleepless day, but I am deeply thankful that I am in Israel, the Holy Land, finally.

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  1. So glad you arrived safely with no hassle. Even in the 70’s Tel Aviv Airport was clean and well organized. Malcolm and I used to ride to Jaffa on our motorbike – a beautiful old town on the Med. Sea. I will look forward to your blogs, Kathy. So happy for you both that you are in the Holy Land. Susan

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