Israel Trip: 1) May I Get to Israel


Safety and Security

Sunday a South Korean tour bus was blown up by terrorists near the border of Israel and Egypt.  Israel is surrounded by Islamic countries; they are hostile to Israel, as well as Christians.

In a northern neighbor, Syria, the civil war conflict is getting intense.

I am afraid that the security at airports in Israel may be very tight and lines for the immigration or customs may be very long.

Someone told me if I were in a wheelchair due to  a cancer patient, I can cut in line.  This may not be a bad idea.  I will bring my medical report with me.



It is nothing compared with the east coast hit by the snowstorm, but Israel is colder than L.A. where we have 75 F in recent weeks; especially at night a weather report says it’s under 50 F according to a forecast.

I couldn’t get rid of cough and from  yesterday the skin itch came back.  I hope it won’t get worse.

It takes 13 hours by direct flight From L.A. to Tel Aviv.  Israel is 10 hours ahead of L.A.  I will leave home at 9:30 am, depart from L.A. at 1:30pm, and arrive at Tel Aviv at about 2pm on the 19th.


Last time when I went to Japan, I had a difficult time to confirm my ticket and to go through the security.  How about this time?  All of the people in the tour have American passports except me.  Mine is a Japanese with my maiden name on it.  I hope I can ride on the plane with everyone.  I don’t want to be left behind!

May I  get on the plane and get into Israel without troubles!




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  1. Kathy, May God be with you on your trip and that you feel well enough to enjoy every minute. I will be thinking about you and praying for your safe return. Love, Aunt Pat

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