Seeking Miraculous Healing Medicine and Pool

Thought Watching the Olympics

“ The Olympics are like a circus,” said George.

Indeed, watching snowboarding, which flies like a cannon, or artistic but also acrobatic figure skating, I feel like they were astonishing super humans.

A long time ago, when I saw a figure skate medalist, Janet Lynn, who had a blond bob haircut, I was so fascinated by her skating that I determined to learn figure skating, and in college, I joined a figure skating club.    I did not excel, but I still have the white made-to-order skate shoes.

Watching the elegant skaters, I feel a strong nudge to stand on the ice right away and to imitate that graceful skating.  Yet, the reality is that my legs are so stiff that I cannot even squat without holding bars and I am stretching and bending my legs in front of the T.V..

I wonder maybe the Olympians are not only training hard but also taking some drugs to make their bodies strong and flexible.  If there is such a drug, I want it!

Should I Google it?

 Miraculous Healing Pool, Bethesda

In Jesus’ era, in Jerusalem there was a pool called Bethesda, where the crippled, blind, or sick could be completely healed if they got into it.  It was excavated in the 1950’s and I am going to visit there.

Jesus asked a crippled man, who was laying there for many years wishing to jump into the pool, if he wanted to be healed.  As the man said, “Yes,” Jesus commanded him to stand up and walk, and he did.

At Bethesda, remembering this miracle, if I pray for healing, my cancer may be gone and this stiff body may be healed completely.

Counting the days to the Israel trip, I am expanding my imagination.

The pool of Bethesda

The site of Bethesda


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