Fever and Diarrhea

Yesterday as I was posting the blog, I was just fine.  Yet, after then, I started feeling chilly and at night in a Bible study, I was shivering even with a jacket and blanket on me.  Surely enough when I checked the fever after I got home, I had 100F.  Taking Tylenol again, I slept more than 12 hours, and then this morning, thankfully the fever was gone.

After lunch, however, now I  had diarrhea.  Although I knew diarrhea was one of common side effects of Perjeta, I had Sushi!  This is a lesson that raw fish is not compatible with Perjeta.

While I was on Tykerb, diarrhea was one of the major adverse side effects but I could control by anti-diarrhea medicine.  I hope I can control this time as well though I must take anti-diarrhea medicine with me to Israel.

I have 20 more days till our Israel trip.  I have to do my best to bring my body into a good condition.



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