This is my 7th Regimen

Saying Good Bye to T-DM1, I started Perjeta with Herceptin today. This is my 7th regimen.

The premedication was Tylenol and Zyrtec. The first infusion took more than 3 hours in order to avoid any reactions.

Thankfully, so far I am fine.

I was told that this new regimen doesn’t require a blood test, but I requested to check the concerned platelet counts and AST, an enzyme produced from liver.

While the level of AST, which had been going up continually out of the normal range, improved from 61 to 50, the platelet counts plunged again from 99 to 75.  If I hadn’t changed the regimen, probably I would have postponed the infusion again.

I wish I could continue T-DM1 longer, and it was too bad that the side-effects have worsened.

Besides Platelet count and AST level, my main complaints are muscle weakness, aches, cramps, stiffness, and numbness and tingling from peripheral neuropathy. These side effects have been bothering me since I was on Taxol two years ago, but it has been getting serious.

Last week when I came back from a shopping mall, walking about 3 hours or so, my legs were so heavy and as I rested, I had the worst cramps in almost all muscles in the both legs.  It was so bad that I got worried if I could walk in the trip of Israel.

Since I am no more on T-DM1, and have postponed the next infusion until I come back from Israel, I hope all side effects will be eased so that I can enjoy the trip!

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