I’m Going To Israel!

Completely out of blue, George and I will go to Israel from 2/18 for 10 days.

According to the Bible, Israel,“the land flowing with milk and honey”, was given to Abraham by God about 2000B.C.  God promised him that he would become a father of many nations and his offspring would increase abundantly like the stars in the sky, and 2000 years later, Jesus was born in that land.

Going to Israel has been George and my long term dream, but because Israel has been always in battles, since the very beginning of its history till this day in spite of that amazing glory, and the country is far away for me who has cancer, the idea has never come to reality.

Yet last week, when we had lunch with George’s brother, who is also a pastor in Murrieta, and his wife, they shared about the Israel tour that they host for his church every year, and as they learned that the trip to Israel was our 20th anniversary wish, they immediately invited us to go together.

George and I looked at each other feeling implausible that the couple-in- law was giving the chance to make our dream real.

“ We never get tired to go there. It is always inspiring and life changing,” they said.

According to them, the dangerous battlefield is in a limited area and if we avoid there, the rest of the country is safe.

“ We do wedding vow renewal ceremonies in Cana, where Jesus performed his first miracle by changing water to wine for a wedding. If this is for your anniversary, you should do that.” The brother-in law was adding.

“Is this true? Is it ok to accept it?  Are we really going to Israel?”

Though feeling still difficult to believe it, I was getting excited.

We have saved money diligently, and George said he could take a vacation.  Then the last problem was my health.

I asked my oncologist if I could go to Israel.  She e-mailed me back saying,

“ It is a great opportunity!  Your 2nd cycle (of  the infusion) will be during the trip, but you can postpone it until after the trip.”

She gave me the permission, but I was still nervous with the side-effects.  I don’t want to go to a doctor in Israel or stay at a hotel alone.  Yet, the more I talked about the trip, the stronger my desire became.  This may be the only chance in my life and if I don’t go, I may never be able to go.

So, I decided to go!

This must be a gift from God.  All of sudden, as an utter surprise the gift was delivered in front of George and me.  What a perfect timing it is!


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  1. Hi Kathy, I was just catching up on my following of you on your blog and read the wonderful news about your upcoming trip. I wish both you and George a wonderful time and that your health will not be an issue. Love Aunt Pat

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