January 11th, 2014

“Are You Going To Leave, Too?”

Jesus’ words (John 6: 67 ) stung my heart.

Because He healed many diseases and disabilities, raised the dead, and fed the hungry, He quickly became popular.  Wherever He went, a big crowd followed Him seeking for miracles.

Yet, as he preached to seek for the eternal life by believing Him, who called God as the Heavenly Father and Himself as the life of the bread, instead of seeking for miracles, which last only for a short time on the earth, the crowd started bashing Him saying how dared He proclaim himself as the Son of God, were confused about Him, and lost interest in Him without any miracles. As the crowed deserted Jesus, He said to His disciples, “Are you going to leave, too?”

We always desire miracles.

May I be healed completely from cancer!

May a disability or disease be cured!

I don’t want my beloved one to die!

Please give us good health, prosperity, and happiness forever!

And more.

Nevertheless, even if our prayers are granted and a miracle happens, new problems or troubles come after us continually and death is inevitable.

The Bible says death is the consequence of our disobedience to God; choosing our own way – wishing to take a place of God:  This Sin is so grave that we can never pay off the cost no matter how hard we try to do good deeds, but only by the sacrifice of Jesus, the Son of the Creator of heaven and earth.

Will we seek for miracles that are only effective on the earth, or for Jesus who repaired the broken relationship with Heavenly Father and redeemed us for the eternal life by His unbearable sacrifice?

I imagine Jesus who was left alone with his disciples by the thousands of a crowd who once were excited with His miracles chasing Him days and nights and exalting Him.  I imagine how Jesus felt knowing that even those disciples would betray Him at the time of His arrest by the Romans.

My savior’s words choked me with a flashback of Pepper who looked at me with her innocent vulnerable eyes as she was dying.

“ No. Even if cancer comes back, or I have to live in endless afflictions, I want to follow you!”

I felt an urge to answer Jesus.

Then I thought about the cancer families whose beloved ones are in the terminal stage.  Besides praying for them, I’m helpless, but instead of deserting them, I should let them know at least I am praying for them. I should be besides them.  I felt like, accepting my answer, Jesus called me for an assignment saying, “O.K. Then go.”