January 4th, 2014

Little Servants

With four of my piano students (age 6-11), I visited a nursing home to present musical performance today.  For three students, this is the 2nd time to serve.

Last time we played Christmas carols but this time I picked 16 songs from old hymns and 50-60’s popular songs.  I passed out the booklets of the lyrics, but the audience sang along with piano without opening the booklets.  As one of the goals was to play their favorite songs, if they could sing in their hearts, I reached that goal.

Many of the audience said, “Thank you!” to the students with big smiles as we were leaving.  There were no spot light or a gift of flowers,  but I wonder if the children felt their appreciations, and if they felt rewarded after many hours of practice.

We then visited patients’ rooms one-by-one passing out students’ hand-made New Year cards.  Most of the people were laying on their beds, but there was an old man sitting on a stainless chair beside his bed playing cards.  As a student, who was wearing a purple dress like a ballerina, gave him a card, he said, “ Thank you, beautiful ladies!  You look really pretty and this is very nice!”  His cheerful voice made me smile, and I hoped his compliment touched the little students’ hearts, too.

I wonder how many of those old residents have a chance to go out or receive visitors.  If our little performance could give some good time for them, and my little students could experience joy to serve them by playing music, I could achieve the goal.

Since last December, making commitments to play piano for Christmas and today, I was under the pressure, but now I am relieved.  I gave thanks to God who equipped me again in spite of my little talent.