November 19th, 2013

Dr. Slamon Had a Surgery

An appointment on the 13th with Dr. Slamon, one of the inventors of Herceptin,  was suddenly canceled by an phone call the day before.  An assistant explained it was because the doctor went into a minor surgery.

I was surprised because someone like him who was so prominent appeared like a god, who would never get sick.

Yet, of course, he is a human being; probably he is around his 60s and traveling all over the world, he must have a very heavy schedule. It is nothing wrong if he gets sick.

A few days later,  as my appointment was rescheduled to 11/20th,  I was glad thinking that he was recovering smoothly.  However, a phone call came from his office this morning, and my appointment was canceled again because the doctor was not quite ready  to get back to work.

I wondered what kind of a surgery he had, but I thought such a question would be inappropriate.  Instead I just asked if he was o.k.   “ Yes.  He just needs a little more time,” said the assistant.

It has been only a week since his surgery and it may take a week or so for the recovery.  Yet, I am concerned about him after the appointments were canceled twice in a row. Hopefully it is nothing serious.  The world still needs him.  I am praying that he is truly o.k. and will recover quickly.