November 9th, 2013

George 5th Vocal Cords Procedure

It has been almost 3 years since George’s vocal cords were paralyzed. On Friday we made a three hour round trip to Fontana Kaiser for his 5th procedure.  Last year He tried three  same procedures, in which a substance was injected into the affected vocal cord, but the results were not so satisfactory.  In August this year, George tried the procedure once again, but  with  a different doctor, who injected the substance into a little different location of his vocal cord.  It was so successful that his voice was stronger.

Since the substance is absorbed by the surrounding tissue eventually, he has to repeat this procedure periodically and now it was the time to redo the procedure.  This time the dose was increased so that the substance would last about 6 months.  Probably because of that reason, it took more than two hours for him to come back to the waiting room after he walked into the clinic.   He was not supposed to talk for 24 hours, so he whispered briefly, ” It was harder than before.”  Yet it seems like everything was done well.

Once we got home, he enjoyed pizza for lunch, and went to bed because of a narcotic he took during the procedure.  Meanwhile I e-mailed friends and family, who were praying for him, to inform his status.

As a pastor, Sunday is a work day. Yet because the senior paster kindly told him to rest this weekend, he decided to relax at home.  It will take about two weeks for him to restore the good strong voice according to the doctor.  Hopefully we can see the complete success!