Brain MRI was Negative

It was almost at 11pm when I found an email from the hospital.  The emails from the hospital don’t have specific subjects.  They simply say I have a new message from a Kaiser Permanente Office.

Without knowing what the message was about, I wondered; I am not waiting for a lab result.  It seems a little too early to get back the result of the MRI I took last Friday, yet it can’t be anything else.

I linked to the Kaiser website, typed my ID & password, and then found a message from the oncologist with the subject;” MRI brain”

“God, please be with me!”  Clicking the subject, I prayed as I did whenever I opened the tests’ results:

“MRI brain was negative. Good news. It is unchanged compared with June 2013.”

Yay!  I was so relieved because I still have a bad headache and worried about it.  Now I know  at least it’s not serious.   This could be a cold or more likely a side effect.  I can’t tell yet if the nodule in the lung is cancer or not, either, until next CT, but the results of the Mammogram and the MRI are encouraging me to anticipate  T-DM1 is still working.

I am thankful for the doctor who sent me this good news so late at night, and of course for God, who is always so good!

One thought on “Brain MRI was Negative

  1. Such wonderful news! I am so happy for you. Your headaches must be a side effect.
    Now, we need to take care of George on Friday!

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