Canceling Bone Scan and Passed Mammogram

I had requested a bone scan, but I changed my mind to have a mammogram because the pain in the chest seemed not from the bones but rather closer to the surface. The result came back today with NEGATIVE!  It doesn’t mean the nodule in the lung was negative, but I could cross out one concern.  I decided to believe it was some kind of muscle ache like my oncologist said.

In the afternoon I went to take a brain MRI.  I hope this headache is not a serious one, either.   An ear doctor, who examined the cause of the ringing in my ears, told me it was a beginning symptom of hearing loss, but I was a little disappointed because she couldn’t tell if hearing loss was caused by aging, a side-effect, or cancer in the brain.  Once I get the result of the MRI, I will know a little more about the cause.

My next infusion is on the 12th.  If the platelets number is not improved, I may have to reduce the dose of T-DM1 or postpone until it recovers.  The appointment with Dr. Slamon, who invented Herceptin, for the 2nd opinion is on the 13th, and George’s next vocal cords surgery will be on the 8th.   So many things are going on that probably November will fly fast, too.

With a friend, who will have a heart surgery next week, we talked about having a celebration at a nice restaurant once the three of us get the good results.  It is encouraging to have friends with whom I can share something in common even if they are health concerns.

May we all get through the bumps of life!


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