Harvest Time

Tomorrow is a Halloween.  The summer time will be over this weekend.  The temperature has dropped and now I turn on a heater at night.  Living with concerns of the side-effects and relapse of cancer, I feel some kind of pressure that time is running so fast.  Yet, recently the vegetables in my backyard have been giving me the power of life.

A small plant, a cup size of a cucumber I planted this summer, grew vigorously and produced huge cucumbers.  They grew so fast that every night they became one size bigger. Though the vines are skinny like threads they held the sticks so tight and bore the weight of the huge cucumbers.


The tomato seeds, which George sowed a few years ago and disappointed us because nothing came out, sprouted all of sudden this summer, and have grown wild stretching out its branches in every direction.


A fig plant I got from a cancer friend a year ago lost all leaves during last winter, but when the spring came, it revived and now has grown higher than me and has been producing the fruits, also.


It is so fun to observe the growth of the vegetables and the fruits counting the produce that I forget the time.  The strength of life in the nature is amazing!

Compost is the same.  If I put dry fallen leaves and food waste in a composter, they transform into nutrition. How can it be?!

Being fascinated by the wonder and awe of the nature, I realize the greatness of God who created everything.  Just like everything else, my life is in His hand with tender loving care.  I am blessed!

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