New Nodule in Right Lung

The result of CT I took last Sunday came back.  A new 3mm nodule was found in my right lung.  The oncologist said this could be an inflammation because the size was so small and would need to monitor it.  However, there is another finding that 9mm nodule which has been stable from very beginning slightly changed the shape.

I e-mailed back to the doctor asking if I need a PET, bone scan, or MRI for the brain.

Because the oncologist was indicating to stop T-DM1 in order to rest my body from all side-effects as I have complained about numbness, tingling of fingers and toes, and stiffness like arthritis,  I had made an appointment with Dr. Slamon, who is one of inventers of Herceptin, for the second opinion.

Halting T-DM1 is no more option and with Dr. Slamon I will discuss about a new possible regimen for the worst case.

T-DM1 was the miracle medicine I had longed for and I have been on this only for 6 months.  If T-DM1 is losing its effect already, it is too early and  it would be greatly  disappointing. I hope this is not cancer but inflammation.

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