Hypothyroid Again

While the government was shut down and Obama care, which I believe is the main cause of the shut down, made me anxious how it would affect on our health insurance, the quality of George and my treatments, the economy and the future of this country, etc, I was informed by my oncologist that the level of Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH) was very high.

TSH goes up as Thyroid function goes down (Hypothyroid) because TSH tries to stimulate Thyroid to produce more hormone.

I had this problem two years ago.  Nobody knows why I had Hypothyroid, but because I was on chemo therapy, I wondered if  it was something to do with cancer or chemo.

Once I started taking a hormone medicine, the function level was improved immediately and after one year treatment, I stopped the medicine.  It has been exactly one year since then.

The number of TSH in 2011 when I was diagnosed with Hypothyroid was 58.5 while the normal level is 0.35-4mcIU/mL.  Now it is 18.50, which is much better than in 2011.  Yet I have to take the hormone medicine again.

It seems like Vitamin D is also important to keep the healthy function of thyroid.  While I was on the hormone medicine, I was taking Vitamin D, also, because its level was low, as well, that time.  I remember my family doctor recommended to continually take vitamin D for my immune system even after my numbers became normal, but somehow I stopped taking it. Regretting it, from tonight, I will restart taking Vitamin D.

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  1. I have noticed that in the past few years that Doctors are strongly recommending taking Vitamin D especially t hose people who do not tolerate being in the sun.
    And, perhaps you may need to be on a thyroid medicine while on chemo…….

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