Mary Who Lost Her Child

I read a story in the Bible of Mary being foretold to bear Jesus by angel Gabriel, in Luke ch.1 .  She was only 13 or 14 years old at that time and was engaged to Joseph.  Seems like it was common to marry at such a young age in those days.

According to Luke, as she heard the astonishing news, she couldn’t believe it and asked, ” How can this be since I am a virgin?” but she was grateful for being chosen in spite of her lowly position, and accepted it with obedience saying, “May your word to me be fulfilled.”

While Mary, the mother of Jesus, is worshiped as well as Jesus in Catholic, Protestants don’t make her such a big deal because she was a human instead of God.

However, I have been thinking about her since the study this week. Being offered such a major role from God, how did she feel about it?  Luke said she rejoiced very much. I imagine that she was obedient, humble, and profoundly faithful.

Being chosen by God is indeed a agreat honor and blessing, but just like other “saints”, she had to go through incredible suffering as well:  She had to watch her dearest son, Jesus, dying on the cross being humiliated  and agonizing.

Abraham also must have experienced the sorrow and grief as he was told to sacrifice his only son, Isaac,  whom he had in his old age, but an angel stopped him at the very moment of sacrificing Isaac, by telling that was a test of Abraham’s faith.  Abraham didn’t lose Isaac.  Yet unlike Abraham’s case, an angel didn’t appear for Mary to save Jesus.

We know that Jesus resurrected in three days, and then Mary’s sorrow must have turned into extreme joy, I’m sure, yet, she experienced horrible pain and desperation like many mothers who felt utterly helpless  in front of  their dying children.

Watching Jesus suffering gravely, could she keep her faith?  Like Abraham, could she still believe that God would never make mistakes?

Because she was the woman God had chosen, I believe she prayed for help strenuously and  even if her heart was shattered completely, she  kept her faith.

In the “valley of the shadow of death” the faith in God, the Creator of everything, the Father who promised never to forsake us, is the only light which guides us to go through the valley, and ones who decide to follow Him will all resurrect like Jesus because of His and Mary’s great cost.  GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME!!

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