Powerful Perjeta

Perjeta was approved by the FDA last summer in 2013 for HER2 positive metastasized breast cancer patients and so it was in Japan this year, one year later than the U.S.  Now this medicine can be approved by the FDA as the first neoadjuvant (before surgery)  therapy medicine for the early stage HER2 positive breast cancer.

I knew here in the U.S. surgery comes first, followed by chemo: That is the traditional way to treat breast cancer, and like I did, starting from chemo followed by the surgery was a secondary choice.  Learning there was no chemo medicine approved by the FDA for neoadjuvant therapy so far, I thought no wonder the first chemo was the secondary choice.   But if Perjeta is approved for neoadjuvant therapy, a new era, when women could avoid surgery or radiation therapy, could come.


According to the news last week, 417 women were randomly divided into four groups; #1. with Perjeta+ Herceptin+ Taxotele, #2 with Perjeta+ Herceptin, #3 with Perjeta +Taxotele, 4) with Herceptin + Taxotele.  They received the therapy for 12 weeks, and then all of them had mastectomies, which showed clearly how their cancer responded to different combinations of the drugs.

In the result, the ratio of the complete response, no detective cancer, was 45.8 % in  the #1 group, 16.8 % in #2,  24% in #3, and 29% in #4.  45.8% of the combination of Perjeta+Herceptin+Taxotele is outstanding!

If Perjeta is so powerful, it should be effective for metastatic cancer like mine.  Currently, for the past 6 months, I’ve been on T-DM1,  which is also called a miracle medicine,, and hopefully I can be in remission for ever, but even if cancer comes back,  it is good to know there is another powerful medicine available.

It is also encouraging to know that the researchers have been working to find out who can get the best result from which drug.  Since most drugs can’t treat cancer in the brain because of the brain barrier, I wish we would have the medicines that are reachable to the brain, but I’m sure that the scientists are working on that as well.  Impossible will become possible!   Praise the Lord!




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