Not “Good-Bye” But Celebration

“ He died listening to favorite music and with the sounds of children swimming and squealing in the yard,” said e-mail from Jo, the wife of Doug who was fighting against his Meningitis about a year.

Since his double transplant of both a kidney and pancreas 14 years ago, Doug, who had taken immunosuppressive, was infected by fatal meningitis.

It must have been so difficult for Jo to watch her husband deteriorating slowly without any mean to help him.  Learning about how he departed here on the earth, however, I thought that was not a bad way to go at all.

While he was an elite businessman who earned his MBA from Harvard Business School, Doug I know was an earnest volunteer who were serving for homeless, poor children as directors for various NPOs.

Last month, on the day of our church annual cruise, we prayed together on the boat for Doug, who launched this fun event and had been one of the hosts for many years.  It was moving to see Jo serving big plates of appetizers to us tacking her heavy emotion under her beautiful smile.

In his memorial service, his sister-in-law read Psalm 23, which she would enjoy reciting with Doug.  His children and grandchildren shared good memories with Doug with teas and smiles.

I wish Doug and Jo would have been able to enjoy their 50th anniversary in two years.  Yet, knowing the family’s strong faith and tie, which Doug planted in them, I thought they would be able to go through this dark valley with the Lord.

“ For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” (John 3:16)

For the ones who believe the Lord, a funeral or memorial service is not the time to say good-bye, but to celebrate to go His home.

Being in the service filled with hope and love, I thought how blessed we, who got to know Jesus, were.



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