George’s Voice is Recovering

It has been a week since George’s vocal cord surgery, and his voice is getting stronger  day by day. However, a day after the surgery his voice was so weak and raspy more than the past three experiences that he was upset, and I was the one to encourage him  – reversing our regular roles.

“ You have to remember the Bible says, ‘ Trust in the Lord with all your heart.  And lean not on your own understanding. ‘  Tomorrow your voice can get better.”  I said.

But, watching his discouragement, it was difficult not to get discouraged together with him, so I had to go to the Lord, praying hard.

Last Monday, the 3rd day from the surgery, his voice sounded  slightly better, and in Tuesday’s Bible class, though he usually needs to sip water many times to continue talking, his voice was strong enough without depending on water.

It’s not perfect yet, but George is content with this improvement, and I am excited about it, too.

As a pastor, one of his main jobs is to listen to people who face their hardships, pray for them, comfort them, and encourage them.  As I take that role, I understand how difficult it is to do so.

Even when I was not doing well with cancer, or he was not doing well with his own health issue, he was continually with the needy people, listening and supporting them spiritually, or practically.  He is incredible.

How come he chose such a draining job?  I wonder often, but also respect him who answered, “ I want to do the right things in God’s eyes.”

I always depend on George; lean on him, yet, more and more as I study the Bible and knowing what he is doing as a pastor, I feel like I should become a supportive good partner for him, asking lots of help from God.

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  1. I’m thankful for voice improvement – but even more grateful for a wife who understands and cares.

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