George 4th Trial For The Vocal Cords

Friday morning, George and I drove about 80 miles to Fontana Kaiser.

In spite of three surgeries last year, George’s voice has not been improved much and today he tried the 4th procedure.

Since last November he has visited three different doctors and the first two doctors told that he might need a complicated surgery, which was intimidating for both of us, but the last doctor suggested to try the same procedure as the last year for a different area of his vocal cord.  This doctor seems to have many patients who use vocal cords for their professions.

So here we were to try one more time to inject the silicon through the mouth to the vocal cords.

Although it was a similar procedure, this time George used a local anesthesia instead of a general one at an exam room instead of an operation room.

About one hour later, he came back to the waiting room with a nurse and she said to me, “ He can’t talk for 24 hours.  He has to wait one hour to eat, and needs to come back in 9 weeks for another procedure. “

In the past it was ok for him to whisper even right after the surgery, but this time he is in silence completely.  So he is using e-mails to communicate with me.

With local anesthesia, he had gag reflex numerous times as a camera and catheters were inserted through his throat, and felt pain when he was injected—he said.

I feel sorry that he has to do again such an ordeal treatment in 9 weeks.

He could have normal dinner tonight, and this time, I hope I can hear a real good strong voice soon.



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