Reducing Steroid

Effect of Gosha-Jinkigan

The day of the 6th infusion of T-DM1, I saw the oncologist first.

She began the conversation asking how the Chinese medicine was working.

When I took the Chinese medicine sent from Japan, the muscle ache was gone immediately.  The stiffness of my legs seemed to be  getting milder, too.  So I ordered more on-line.

Though the medicine was the same as the one I first tried, this time I didn’t see much improvement.

As I told the doctor, she said that was not a surprise for her:  She said sometimes she heard the same complaint in generics even in the U.S. in spite of the inspection by FDA,  so it could be more so with Chinese medicines.

She suggested to try the first medicine buying it  from the same first pharmacy.  Yet I found out that  Gosha-Jinkigan sold from Tsumura, the original pharmaceutical company, is also available to purchase on line.  So I am going to try this Gosha-Jinkigan.


Remove Steroid

Next, I informed the doctor that I reduced Decadron (a steroid I had to take before the infusion) which might be causing high blood sugar, weight gain, and a risk of osteoporosis, into a half dose.  The doctor had approved it since I have had no sign of nausea so far.

The result of a half dose of Decadron was No Nausea!  Now the doctor allowed me to remove Decadron completely next time!  Yeah!


The minimum side effects of T-DM1

Before the infusion, a nurse has a routine of an oral exam.

“ Have you had fatigue or tiredness?”

“ Have you had fever or chilliness?”

“Have you had nausea or vomiting?”

“ Have you had sores in your mouth?”

“ Have you had swelling?”

“ Have you had skin rash or itch?”

“ Have you had diarrhea or constipation?”

“ Have you had any pain in  urination?”—-


Answering “No” one by one, I thought T-DM1 was still a good medicine with little side-effects compared with others, even though I have muscle ache.  Hopefully the effects last for long and I can be in remission for good!







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