Be Content with Whatever I Have

“ I have learned how to be content with whatever I have.”

This is a statement in the letter to Philippians from Paul, who was under arrest in Rome and lived in uncertain days –whether to be executed or freed.  He said his strength would come from Christ, instead of depending on circumstances surrounding him.  Echoing David’s word, “ You are my Shepherd.  I shall not want,” in Psalm 23, Paul’s statement has been my goal for a long time.

When I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I thought my days might be numbered.  If so, how should I live?—I thought.  I wanted to know my Lord more.  I wanted to get closer to Him.  I wanted to live in the way to please Him.  Quitting my job, I joined Bible classes George has led.   I added  cancer family support to volunteer activities of my non -profit organization Grain of Wheat.

Over three years of battle with cancer has been a series of tension, pressure, and stress and many times it was overwhelming.  However, it is also true that senses of gratitude, joy, and even satisfaction were there.

Never leave our eyes from Jesus!   The higher the stormy water is, the closer I have to be with Him.  Everyday I have told myself His promise:  He will never abandon me.

Miraculously I was led into the remission.  I am parting from the threat of cancer.  Yet,  life is still full of stress.  Sometimes I wonder if this is worse or better than cancer.

Today listening to the Paul’s statement once again in a Bible class, I assured myself: I should leave my burden with the Good Shepherd who says, “ Cast your care” on Him, and live with contentment and thanks for what I have been given.

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  1. Kathy – your faith throughout this journey has been a huge encouragement to me, and especially to those who are having to walk through the same “valley of the shadow of death”. Thankful for your apparent remission and for your commitment to helping others every step of the way. Continued prayers for you and George. < Maggie

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