First Experience of Brain MRI

Even if cancer drugs are effective for the system under the neck, the brain is a whole different arena.

HER2 + cancer will likely spread to the brain from lungs.

Learning such things, I had requested a brain MRI before I went to Japan. Maybe because ordering a MRI is costly, my oncologist was reluctant to agree with me saying it is not common to have a MRI until a patient develops suspicious symptoms, and even if something unsure is found by a MRI, until it is clearly identified as cancer, there is no treatment. Yet, as I came back from Japan, she ordered it because it was approved by a staff meeting.

Because of BBB (Blood Brain Barrier),  neither Herceptin nor even T-DM1 cannot get into the brain. After I stopped Tykerb, whose molecules are small enough to go through BBB, I thought I should check my brain periodically, just in case.

Taking off my watch, ring, and necklace, I laid down on a narrow exam table. I remember an instructor of Medical Terminology in El Camino I used to take told in the class that she would check the entire exam room before her MRI for her safety because scissors or a ball pen attracted by the magnet of MRI might fly over and hit her.

Something like a football mask was placed on my face, earplugs were given, and the table I laid down on moved into the dark narrow “tunnel”.

I now remembered George panicked with this procedure, so I decided to close my eyes until everything was done. If I saw the wall, which was so close as though I could lick it, I might have been suffocated, too.

I was in the tunnel about 20 minutes .
Beep Beep, don don don , Beep Beep, don don don, Ghaaaaa!
the loud different noises were beating out a rhythm through my plugged ears.
Then, the table moved out of the tunnel, and moved back to the tunnel again after a dye was injected through IV. This time it was about 10 minutes.

It seems to take another 7-10 days to get the result back. Though I am not so worried about the result because of the good CT scan, I still wish I could hear the result ASAP.

One thought on “First Experience of Brain MRI

  1. You are so brave!

    I am glad you explained this procedure just in case I ever need a brain scan.

    Waiting for results is so hard.

    Prayers will be said for a good outcome!

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