T-DM1 Didn’t Betray Me

Around 1 am this morning, checking e-mails one more time before going to bed, I found the longed for e-mail from my oncologist.

“Good news.  CT is stable.”

Thank God!  T-DM1 didn’t betray me!


Yesterday  was a busy long day from morning till night.  Around 7:30pm, when I arrived at an Italian restaurant with George finishing an interpretation for George’s premarital meeting with a Japanese couple, I was so exhausted that I felt like I would slip down from the chair.  I was tempted to take off the wig and lay down on the floor rather than eating pasta.

I was exhausted not only because of the busy day but also because I stayed up late the night before searching new medicines. I was afraid of hearing the bad CT result.   The chest pain I had even before the Japan trip has been getting more intense and frequent after the trip, and I was concerned about it more and more as the days went by after the CT scan.  As some of my cancer friends I have supported have not been doing well recently, maybe there was some psychological effect on me, as well.

Should I go back to Taxol,add Perjeta, or is there any other options?  Reading other’s blogs and comments for many hours, I wondered if I had to deal with nasty side effects I put away in the past again.  Yet such thoughts were all unnecessary.  I was relieved so much that I slept so long, so soundly last night. It is funny that today I feel like even the problematic chest pain is not bad at all.


T-DM1 must be a good medicine.  Besides the chest pain, my problem is only muscle ache so far.  Yet even with that, I could hike for almost 2 hours including the steep 300 plus some steps while I was in Japan.   That was pretty good.  I hope many women will get the benefit from this miracle drug!



A rope bridge we walked @ Sumata Gorge in Japan South Alps


3 thoughts on “T-DM1 Didn’t Betray Me

  1. Kathy,
    Such wonderful news and truly an encouragement and inspiration to others fighting the same battle. God is GOOD!

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