CT to Find Out If T-DM1 Was Effective

When I got to LAX on Tuesday, it was cloudy as though it were the extension of Japan’s sky.  My sister told me that soon after we left, Japan had heavy rain followed by unpleasant humidity affected by a typhoon.  Yet I could escape from them and my trip to Japan was blessed even with the weather!

As soon as I got home, I went to have a blood test not even taking out the clothes from the luggage.  After the great trip to Japan, I am on the battlefield against cancer again.

During the three weeks in Japan, I gained three pounds, but surprisingly my cholesterol level was a little improved, and the increasing AST, an enzyme, which shows the liver function, dropped into the normal range.   Maybe Japanese food helped though I ate so much.

Next day was clinic as well as the 4th infusion of T-DM1, and yesterday was a CT scan.

This CT scan was the fist one after I started T-DM1 in April.  When I complained about the new intermittent pain in the chest, the doctor asked me if I wanted to have a CT scan before the Japan trip, but I chose to have it after the trip because I didn’t want to ruin the good time if the result was bad.

Waiting for the scan results always makes me nervous, but this CT scan is particularly important because T-DM1 is supposed to be the best drug for me.  I wonder what if the result is bad, but I can’t think about any other strategy at now.

Meanwhile, when I went to the church, I heard from one of our church staff that her brother, who was in the terminal stage of Leukemia, could stop cancer progression and now he had a chance to have a marrow transplant.   This is great news!

He once was told no hope in the first hospital, but after he changed the hospital, he was put on a clinical trial medicine.  Though the first trial medicine failed, the second one worked and the miracle happened at the very end of the rope.

It was so encouraging and I hope I can follow this great news.  My CT result will be back in 5-7days.  I can hardly wait for the result.



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