“This Is You And I Am Here

“Kazuyo-chan, do you remember me?”
My elementary school classmates greeted me 45 years after the graduation. They learned of my visit in Japan through the blog and we reunited.
“this is you, and I am here,”
A classmate identified me and her in the black and white old pictures of field trips, camps, on a playground, and in a raggedy classroom, and that’s how our conversation started.
By listening to old fiends and teachers’ names, along with the pictures, my old memories were gradually brought back as though opening an old diary.
While we were calling each other with”chan” in the way to call little kids’ names in Japanese, I noticed they were my good friends whose voices, ways to talk, and manners haven’t changed at all even after about a half century. We were so excited to talk as if the time slipped back to 50 years ago.
I could see my first best friend, with whom I would play every day going together to the kindergarten and Sunday School, middle and high school friends, organ transplant families, friends I met in the U.S., a priest and a Sister, who have been looking after my parents, cousins, and meet Dr. M, and new cancer friends, as well.
In three weeks I saw and met 75 people that were more than I had planned, and wherever I went, or whoever I got together, they welcomed me rejoicing in my remission. Realizing how much God has been blessing my life since I was little, giving me so many good friends and friendships, I thank God for each person I saw or met and for this trip He made possible.
Now I go back to the U.S. where I chose to live and where many other friends and family wait for me as I leave the beloved people in Japan behind.

May God bless them and this country and may I stay in remission so that I can come back soon again!

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