Japan’s Trp #1: Rough Start

Lost Driver License

The night before the departure for Japan, while I was packing, I became crazy because I couldn’t find an international driver license I just received a few days ago.

I remember putting it in my planner, and probably dropped it somewhere as I opened the planner.

Why did I put the license in the planner?!  I’m so stupid!

Noticing me being panicked and ready to cry, George started looking for it with me together without blaming me.

As my son, Roy, who was going to fly together next morning arrived and learned what’s going on, he said,

“Mom, are you going to drive in Japan? It’s probably better if you don’t find it. I think God hid it because it would be dangerous.”

Smiling as if agreeing with Roy, George also told me to let it go.

“God hid it” is better than ” You’re Idiot!” Yet, being discouraged and not being able to let it go, even after I went to bed, I got up several times to look for the license here and there until 4 am.


“Unable To Find Your Tickets”

The air tickets I bought through Expedia Japan were e-tickets.  I printed out the itinerary in Japanese instead of English and that was the beginning of the next calamity.

On the itinerary I found the name of ANA in bold letters.

(I thought it was United, but it is ANA.)  Thinking that way, I missed the next line saying, “All Nippon Airways operated by UNITED AIRLINES”.

At 5 am Roy and  I arrived at the international terminal, but peculiarly all counters were still closed including ANA and there were few people. Wandering around for a while, we checked the itinerary and noticed that we were at the wrong terminal.  Pushing the luggage, we had to walk to the United’s terminal  for about 15 minutes at dawn.

Completely different from the international terminal, the United’s terminal was busy with full of passengers. After standing in the line patiently, our turn came to check in. Roy punched in the first ticket number on a self-check-in machine.

Instead of giving us the ticket, the machine showed the surprising message:“unable to find your ticket.”

We tried again and again, but the results were all the same.

I asked for help, showing the useless Japanese itinerary.

An agent told me to try my credit card number to check in. I did so, but still the machine said、

“unable to find your ticket”

Getting panicked, I grabbed a different agent.  Now I was told to try my passport number.  I tried, but still on the screen it read,

“unable to find your ticket”

(Can we really go to Japan?) I thought to myself.

Now I was desperate. I called the third agent.

Finally as she checked with a computer inside the counter, we were able to check in.

Big relief! Yet this was not the end of the story.


”Unable To Carry With You”

I was caught by the security check because I was carrying three jars of jelly, which were for my sister, in my bag.

“You have to throw them away, or go back to the counter and check in the bag,” said an agent.

Lines were long and we have been wasting lots of time already.  Yet, thinking of my sister, I chose to go back to the counter.

“You have to pay $35 because this is the 2nd bag to check in,” said an agent at the counter.

($35 for only three Jellies?  Forget it!  I am going to ask George to get new ones again.)

Frustrated with myself who was so slow and pathetic, I turned around to stand in the long line for the security check again and threw away the jelly jars.

It was really a good idea to listen to George’s advice to get to the airport three hours before the flight instead of two hours.  Otherwise, we might have missed the airplane too.

I was totally exhausted just to get on the plane and took a few days to recover from this defeat.




One thought on “Japan’s Trp #1: Rough Start

  1. Glad you got on the plane and made it to Japan. Glad you didn’t drive – it’s on the wrong side of the street! Glad you had a good trip in spite of a rough start.

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