Mercury Was Leaking

As my tooth became sensitive to cold and hot food, I went to a dentist.

Besides the sensitive teeth, surprisingly he found a leak of Mercury from an old filling I had more than 20 years ago in Japan.

Giving me a hand mirror, the Chinese American old dentist said,

“ Can you see the discoloration of this tooth?  Because Mercury is leaking from the filling.  If mercury is absorbed by a body, it affects the immune system.  If you are young, you may not notice, but if you get old, and especially if you are on chemo, this is not good. “

A long time ago, maybe dentists didn’t know mercury would cause problems , so they used it in filling materials, I guess.

I remember when I was a child  there was a huge scandal called Minamata disease   in a beach city called Minamata in Japan;  lots of crippled babies were born from mothers who ate fish polluted by mercury thrown away into the ocean from a factory.

It was shocking that such a terrifying material was in my mouth for so many years, and leaking!  Maybe that caused me cancer…..Maybe that’s why I still have neuropathy such as numbness, tingling, or stiffness of muscles.

Here and there, so many people around me have been diagnosed with cancer though, maybe because not only fillings for teeth, but also food, medicines, plastic dishwear, microwaves,  or even house materials include some toxic chemicals.  My imagination keeps going and scares me.

My young sister and her husband recently sold their condo in my hometown and moved to the mountains to become farmers.  Getting back to nature, probably they made a smart move.

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