Cancer Patients Are Kicked Out From Clinic

This is stunning news as of April 4th.

Because of the increasing debts, the government decided the sequesters and Medicare was included for the targets.  As the result, many  cancer patients, who are on Medicare, will be turned down because clinics can’t afford to pay for expensive chemotherapy  for them without the funds from Medicare.

According to the news, the sequester will be implemented on Monday April 8th, and already thousands of patients were told that their treatments would be terminated.

Last year, I was recommended to change my health insurance to Medicare from the district from which I retired.  I was told I would be able to save some money by doing so.  I had considered it, but did not change it because I was afraid of the cut of Medicare if Mr. Obama was re-elected.

I wonder if  Medicare is already cut down by the sequester, how much more will be cut once Obama care is implemented.  Maybe Medicare will perish.

T-DM1, the new drug, I am going to use costs almost $10,000 a month.  If I were on Medicare, I could be the first patient to be declined.  I am so glad not to have changed to Medicare.  Yet what should others, who are turned away by clinics, do?

In the U.S., cancer is the 2nd most deadly disease following heart disease.  It is said that one of every two men and one out of three women in the U.S. will get cancer. Among them, about 77% are 55 years old or older.  There must be   lots of patients who are on Medicare, and I can’t believe they will be thrown away as if trash.  Where will this country go?  I am concerned.

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