Helping a Wedding

” A retired military man and his wife will have a ceremony to renew their vow.  Can you play piano?”  asked George.

Our church has a top-level organist.  Yet as the man served for our country, George wanted to conduct the ceremony as a free gift ,and  he asked me to play piano as a volunteer, instead of asking the professional organist.

My fingers are pretty beaten up by the side effects:  They are tingling, weak, and cracked.  If holding chopsticks is hard, playing piano is much harder.

Yet if they didn’t mind  me playing piano, I would be  more than happy to serve. Last Saturday,  I left for the church taping my thumb tightly.

The bride who was in an elegant  white dress with a long, train which was the same dress she  wore in her wedding 11 years ago, looked so beautiful as a wedding magazine model.

The ceremony was small with their 8 year old daughter, father of the groom, a friend, a church secretary, photographers, George as a pastor, and me.  Because of this, I really wanted to play piano well as a nice music gift.

As George told me three more minutes to start, however, all of sudden I had a cramp in my belly.  I was already nervous about my awkward fingers, but what if I had diarrhea during the ceremony? !

I ran to the  bathroom and kept praying;

” God, thank you so much for equipping me as your servant today.  Please make me play piano without making any mistakes, pain, and diarrhea until the end! Please don’t let me ruin this special day for them!”

Then the ceremony started.

The bride came in the sanctuary with her 8-year-old daughter instead of her father.

” Do you promise to love her/him in sickness or in health, in poverty or in wealth, in good times and bad till death shall you part?”

It was so emotional and beautiful when they  renewed the vow they made 11 years ago at this same church that I couldn’t help praying for God’s continual blessings on them and for their strong marriage.

When the ceremony was over,  being relieved from my responsibility, I felt so honored to be a part of their special day.  It was indeed a blessing for me, too!


Next year will be the 20th anniversary for George and me.  We have been talking about our dream of visiting  Israel, the holy land, sometime, if both of us are healthy enough, but watching the marry couple, I wondered how wonderful it would be if we can make it to go there as the celebration of the 20th anniversary.

A Japanese old saying says, “If you talk about next year, demons will laugh at you.” Yet, I am going to pray about it.  May God grant our wish!





3 thoughts on “Helping a Wedding

  1. How wonderful! What did you play? God enabled you to provide beautiful music for this renewal of vows.

    When is your anniversary?

  2. Thank you so much for your wonderful gift of music at our ceremony! As my daughter and I were standing at the back of the church listening to your music, I reminded her to stop and listen, to remember why we were there, and the enjoy the beauty in life. Your heartfelt music gave us a special moment together to remind us what the important things in life are.

    You made our day so special, and something that we will all cherish and remember. Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts!

    Michelle, Steve and Ronnie

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