CT Result Finally Arrived

It has been a week since I had a CT scan.  I have checked e-mails many times a day  this week, but I didn’t see any mail from Kaiser.  Finally this morning I sent an e-mail to my doctor asking if she had received the result or not.

In the afternoon, the reply came, but she said it was still pending. –Disappointing, and I pondered; maybe there were some new findings that made it difficult to evaluate.

The delay of the result made me nervous, but somehow I was so sleepy this afternoon that I fell  asleep immediately on the couch without worrying about it much.

I slept two hours soundly, and when I woke up, there arrived a new e-mail from the doctor.

I opened it bracing myself as usual as I receive the results.  The fist line said,

“ The result was stable.  This is good news.”!! \(^O^)/

The report included a 9mm stable nodule in the right lung lobe.  This was first observed in last April, when the metastasis was diagnosed, as one of  new findings which grew from 7mm to 9mm and since then it has been stable.  I wonder what this is.  Maybe cancer?  Without biopsy, probably nobody can tell if that is cancerous or not.  If so, I should just accept this result as good news.  So, George and I went to have sushi again for the celebration.

Since the results have been “stable” for 6 months, from now on my CT scan will be every three months instead of two months.  This is good news, as well!

On the other hand, as my fingers are bad shape with cracks, it is getting difficult to dress/undress and even to hold chopsticks.  The doctor told me that it is ok to reduce the doses more and even to hold off tykerb until the symptoms gets better.

Fortunately from tonight Xeloda will be on the off week.  I hope this will give my fingers time to be healed, but I am considering to change to T-DM1, which is supposed to have less side effects,  more seriously.

It is not uncommon for cancer to come back even though you have the Non Evidence of Disease status for  1 or 2 years, so I must keep on the cancer drugs.  Yet if I can buy time this way, I believe that sometime in the near future the scientists will find the cure so that I don’t have to continue the harsh drugs.

Trusting God, I am thankful for all the people who have been supporting me and am grateful for being able to share this good news!


4 thoughts on “CT Result Finally Arrived

  1. Kathy, Such good news. Thank you for sharing. Thoughts and prayers are sent your way. Look forward to spring and new beginnings. Love, Aunt Pat

  2. I have been eagerly awaiting your news hoping that it would be good, and it is very good news!
    So happy for you!

  3. Kathy!!! I’m so glad to hear the wonderful good news!!
    Yes!!! God is so good all the time!!!!

  4. Leonor called me the other night with the good news! I had aske if results had come yet and she called as soon as she heard :). So sorry to hear about your hands but praying that they heal this week so those daily chores you do become more manageable. I have had some lymphodema and collection of fluids under my arm and pushed into my breast up but it is getting under control now…with good council and self massage. I got a little vigorous prunning our fruit trees…with arms lifted and using clippers! Hard to remember I can’t do the things I have always done with such agression. Keeping you in my prayers as you travel this journey and thankful for His grace for each day! Take care!
    Hugs, Donna

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