Watch Out 2/26 For T-DM1

T-DM1, the so called super Herceptin, the promising medicine for HER2 + may be approved by FDA on 2/26. In 2010, this medicine was rejected once because there were not enough data to convince the FDA. Yet because this is the 2nd time and so many patients and medical professions have been longing for it, I anticipate the approval.

Last April when my cancer metastasized into the lungs, every doctor I consulted recommended T-DM1. Although I could not get it, they sounded like I had little hope without it.

In spite of such a sense of urgency, God controlled over cancer and shrunk it by Taxol, which was not recommended by any doctors I met, but Dr. M in Japan who I got to know through my blog as a woman who was fighting against stage 4 breast cancer just like me. Because of God who brought her into my life, I could sustain myself into the reachable distance of T-DM1. Gratitude!

Xeloda+Tykerb+ Herceptin may be superior to T-DM1?

While the media calls T-DM1  a blockbuster, some doctors are skeptical about the real effect of T-DM1. In Clinical Oncology published in September 2012, an oncologist was not convinced by the result of the phase lll trial, in which cancer responded 44% with T-DM1 vs 30% with Xeloda & Tykerb, saying Roche made T-DM1 look effective in the trial in order to get the approval from FDA. If T-DM1 were compared with Xeloda & Herceptin or Xeloda+Tykerb+Herceptin, which I am on now, maybe those combos are superior to T-DM1. Behind of his theory is that even after Herceptin lost effectiveness, with other chemo, Herceptin is expected to work better than without it; Tykerb + Herceptin is better than Tykerb only.

I will have the next CT scan at the end of this month, and if the three drugs I am on are really superb like this article says, I should be able to expect a good result, and then I will continue to be on them. If not, and cancer progresses, I hope T-DM1 will be approved on the 26th and I can be on T-DM1!

Even though it’s a gamble always to know whether a drug is effective for  me or not, it is still wonderful and exciting to have T-DM1 available.

2 thoughts on “Watch Out 2/26 For T-DM1

  1. Hi Kathy, Let’s hope the CT scan shows good results. Lots of prayers and good thoughts coming your way. Love, Aunt Pat

  2. Kathy, your research is helpful to many. I admire your hard work. I thank God for Dr. M, Dr. Slamon, Dr. Lou, & Dr. Chlabowski. Grateful for creative chemo combos. I hope Perjeta or TDM-1 can be helpful. Praying for a good scan result and that we get to go to Japan.

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