The Glimpse of God’s Love

“Can I have a happy life if I believe God?” asked my friend.

“ If so, I will believe God.”

I thought she was honest.

Probably we all want a good healthy, wealthy long life which promises us to be able to go everywhere we want and get everything we want, and if any calamity happens, we may feel like being betrayed by God, and being tempted to say there is no God.

Yet, Jesus, Son of God who was born as  a son of man, was born in a barn and lived without a house and possessions.  He didn’t become a king like David or Solomon who reigned the country, and was crucified at age 33.  His disciples were also persecuted, whipped, jailed, and killed.    The Bible doesn’t promise us the happy life we wish, rather, it warns us to be ready to face suffering if we follow Jesus.  Yet, it promises us that we will have eternal life by following Jesus, instead of the wealth we lose once we die.

A son of a friend was diagnosed with a rare type of cancer which has little possibility of treatment.  Another cancer friend was told she would have only 6 months to live.  A son of a friend has been placed in a mental hospital for long time being depressed. An aging friend who had lost eye sight, hearing, and mobility is now losing even the joy of eating food.

Even when we feel like we are falling into an endless deep dark pit, God promised to be with us all the way to the end, tucking us in his warm chest.  This is the hope and the happiness for ones who believe the Bible.

Watching the video of a boy with Down Syndrome and a dog that seems to tell him, “ I love you,” I thought that our God also comes close to us and says, “  You are so precious and I love you,” when we feel down or hopeless.  It was beautiful and I was moved.

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