X-Ray was Negative, Too

The result of the x-ray came back negative and the doctor denied the possibility of cancer as the cause of the pain.

Then why is it hurting??

I wish I could have a PET scan, which is more sensitive to any abnormality than an X-ray, but I have to wait at least 6 weeks.  How about an MRI? Or visiting an orthopedist?  I am waiting for the next suggestion from the doctor.

I also have been waiting for a phone call to make an appointment with a surgeon to see if there is any accumulation of the fluid – and if it’s possible to drain – since last December, but finally I could make the appointment on the 30th of this month.

Since a bad cold has been around, I was hoping not to catch it, but I did.  For a couple days I haven’t felt well; maybe this cold may be irritating my pain as well.

I am going to find the cause of the pain and stop it, but I am thankful for the good result of the X-ray.

One thought on “X-Ray was Negative, Too

  1. I looked for you yesterday and did not find you. Your having a cold explains your absence. I hope you fight it successfully!
    The reason I was looking for you is that I have a new Cure magazine that I want to pass on. It does have some info about the meds you have taken.
    So glad the x-Ray was normal!

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