What Is Causing Pain?

As I stretch my left arm to pick up something on the floor, a sharp shooting pain runs through my chest from the upper left end of my ribs and then the pain goes away as I change my posture.

Also, as I open my left arm towards the outside to stretch, a different pain, like thin ice, is cracking and runs through the chest.

Yet, the worst pain I have ever had has been attacking me during the night for the last several days. Fortunately Tylenol is helpful and I can sleep, but the intensity of the pain has been escalating.

A cancer friend, Dr. M told me that the level of ALP (Alkaline Phosphatase), an enzyme in the blood, goes up if cancer spreads into bones.  So I asked my oncologist to check this marker.

The result of the level, as well as the levels in the past, were normal.

The doctor also added that the latest CT scan showed no sign of a bone abnormality around the area I complained.

I am thankful for the information which denies cancer, but the pain is so intense that I cannot wipe out all doubt of metastasis in the bones yet.

If this is not cancer, then what is it?  Is it neuropathy, arthritis, lymphedema, after-effects of the radiation, or did I stretch my arm too much?

I am waiting for the result of the x-ray. ;-(



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