Fork In The Road

It is finally New Year’s Eve.  The year 2012, which started with granuloma followed by the metastasis in the lungs in April, including George’s three surgeries for his vocal cords, is almost over.

It has been tougher year than the previous one, but I made more friends through cancer, my faith became stronger by three Bible classes per week, and I could continue the ministry of Grain of Wheat to support international students with physical challenges and cancer patients. Being ready to welcome a New Year together with George and Pepper,the 15 year-old dog that I thought would not have made it, I am so thankful that God has helped us through all the way to the end of this year.


The result of the CT scan I took on the 28th will probably come after New Year’s Day.  If it is negative, that would be a great New Year’s gift.  If not, my 2013 will be most likely tougher than ever.  This is usual, but while waiting for a result, I feel as if I were standing at a fork in the road.

Yet, I know what I will have for the next regimen if cancer is progressing, and T-DM1, the medicine I am longing for, seems like it will be approved around the end of February. The strategy to hit the enemy has been prepared. Even if the battle becomes harder, I have to hang on to God, who repeatedly says, “ Do not fear for I am with you,” each time when I open the Bible, and move on.

Our routine on a New Year’s Eve is watching the count-down at Times Square in N.Y. on TV, but this year George and I will welcome the new year listening to Jazz at a restaurant.

“ The Lord is my Shepherd…You prepare a feast for me in the presence of my enemies.  You welcome me as a guest, anointing my head with oil.  My cup overflows with blessings…” (Psalm 23)

In spite of standing at the fork in the road, I will finish my 2012 by enjoying a delicious dinner and wonderful music that is prepared by the Lord.

May Thy will be done with us in 2013!

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