Laguna Beach to Emergency

I thought that we had a good trip relaxing and enjoying the beautiful town until the last night of the trip.

I felt already nauseous after I had a BBQ chicken at a restaurant we went late at night, but I took Tykerb, a main side effect of which is diarrhea, before I went to bed.

Probably this was a bad idea.  I woke up around 2 am with an intensive nausea and abdominal pain and I was stuck in the bathroom all night until next morning.

I have never had such an excruciating pain.  Folding my body in half, I had cold sweats followed by chills and was afraid that I might pass out and need to call 911.

Though I was so nauseous being ready to throw up, only saliva filled up my mouth over and over.

Finally as the morning came, I thought I was relieved from the nightmare.  Yet while George and I stopped at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa on the way home, again I was attacked by the nasty sensation of nausea, diarrhea, and stomach pain and had to leave for a hospital even before the sermon started.

George suggested going to an emergency and I agreed.  By that time I wondered if I had food poisoning.

In the emergency, once I received a medicine for nausea and morphine for pain, they started working immediately and I was relieved completely.

Numerous exams such as blood test, urine test, ultrasound, etc were done and as everything looked well, I was discharged around 5pm.

The doctor said probably it was food poisoning.  Since my immune system was weak by chemo, perhaps my body reacted sensitively with the bad food.

Anyway I am so glad that I was freed from the worst pain.  I had called Jesus all night asking to touch my body to heal me, and he did.  Thank you Jesus!

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