No More Taxol

Today was supposed to be a day for the infusion of Herceptin and Taxol, but following the opinion of Dr. Slamon, I finished Taxol and had only Herceptin.

Instead of starting Xeloda, the next oral chemo, right away, my Kaiser oncologist gave me a week break just in case.

With Xeloda, my infusion will go back to every three weeks, instead of every week.  If so, I may be able to go to Japan.

It may take a long time for Taxol’s side effects, such as peripheral  neuropathy, stiffness of my legs,swelling, etc, to go away, but a least my hair will grow back!

Xeloda also has numerous side effects and they may be nasty as well, but T-DM1 can be approved at the end of February or March.  So I hope I can tolerate whatever Xeloda causes until then.

Next CT scan will come probably sometime before Christmas.  If the result is stable, that will be a wonderful Christmas gift.  If not, I will change Tykerb to Perjeta, a brand new medicine, too, and look for a clinical trial of T-DM1 in which I can participate.

The plans were made and now I leave the rest for God and will go on a small vacation to Laguna Beach with George this weekend.

He will have a wedding over there and we have made the plan since last summer.

It is off season though, if weather is good, we can walk the beach, enjoy Christmas shopping, and even if the weather is bad, I can enjoy reading, cooking, and just being together with George. 🙂

I didn’t expect it at all, but the weekend without Taxol or Xeloda should be wonderful and this is another gift of God’s grace.

2 thoughts on “No More Taxol

  1. Kathy,
    Enjoy your mini vacation with George! This weekend is a gift from God for both of you – you are such faithful servants. God is good ALL the time.
    Blessings to you both.

  2. Kathy, Have a wonderful trip with George. You both deserve it. I will be looking forward to hearing all about it. Love, Aunt Pat

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