Giving Our Best

The rain that continued for two days stopped this morning. It was the day for me performing Christmas carols with my piano students at a nursing home.
Last night I could not sleep well worrying about trivial things like if the copies of programs and Christmas cards were enough, if the student’s families, who were so looking forward to their first piano performance, fit in the small hall of the nursing home, or what if little brothers and sisters of the students become loud. Yet as I saw the sun coming out among the gray clouds, I took it as the sign of God’s blessing for today’s performance.
Indeed, my little 5 students did their best performance. At the last song ” Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer”, even the elders on their wheelchairs sang and clapped hands together with us.

After the performance, the  children went to each room to give their hand made Christmas cards. Many elders were on beds in dark rooms closing drapes, but the children were not intimidated to hand them the cards and the elders looked happy with smiles.

When I asked the students what Christmas was, they answered that was the day of Santa Claus. Yet, as I said, ” Let’s give joy today just like God gave Jesus to us. Let’s be His helpers today,” they really did. I hope and pray that today’s experience of giving will remain in their hearts for long time and help them as they grow.
I’m thankful for Sandy, who joined us as a singer, and my son Roy, who played guitar and lent us an PA system, as well.
Though I was a little disturbed by cancer yesterday, today being able to  give our best to glorify our Lord’s name, I am so thankful for the opportunity, and my spirit was lifted up again.


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