Glimpse of God’s Kingdom

The week of the election was busy, depressing, and physically unsteady. As I slept  late and didn’t spend a quiet time to read the Bible, the life became hectic and anxieties increased immediately like bubbles.

Yet the Lord is still faithful to offer a glimpse of His Kingdom.

In the Bible there is a parable of the talents (Matthew 25: 14-30): A rich man, who was going to travel, asked his three servants to take care of his money (talents).  Two servants invested the money and multiplied them but the third servant buried them being afraid of losing them.  The master was happy with the two servants, but scolded the third one.

God wants us to use our talents for His kingdom no matter how small that is.   Listening to Him, at the beginning of this year, I made a goal to play music at a nursing home.  My major was not music, but since I became an instructor of YAMAHA Music School in Japan, I have taught piano from time to time.

Today I visited the nursing home with two little girls, 5 and 7 years old, to rehearse for the performance on 12/1.  It was about 5:30pm and about 20 people in wheelchairs were dining at the hall where there was an old piano in the corner.  As we walked into the hall, they didn’t seem to care about us.  I sat at the piano with one of the girls.  The piano was not in the best condition and the two students were very beginners, who just started lessons two months ago.  Yet, once we began playing piano,  the elders stopped talking  and I felt a lot of eyes staring at us.  Then I heard them beginning to sing along with the piano and at last there was applause!

I knew they would like kids’ performance, but this reaction was more than I expected.

After the short rehearsal, a few elders followed us to the hallway as if dogs were trotting after kids wagging their tails.

“ Where are you going?”  “Are you coming back?”, they asked.

“Yes.  We’ll come back with more children to sing and play Christmas songs.” I replied.

“ They must be lonely because no one visits them.  If they like the performance, we can visit again,” said a mother of a student.

I recalled another Bible verse:

“The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few.”(Matthew9:37)

Although our talents are small, the elders will like the performance and the students and the parents will enjoy giving!

That was the moment of a glimpse of God’s Kingdom.

My worry was replaced with the assurance, and I felt like God was whispering to me, “See, that’s way I told you to do.”


2 thoughts on “Glimpse of God’s Kingdom

  1. A Kingdom moment – glimpse of heaven – golden nugget. You are using your talents for God: children give, older folks are blessed, lonely folks are cared for a bit. You’ve found a Calcutta (Mo. Theresa) .

  2. That’s wonderful you use one of your talents for elderpeople. And I’ve learned a lot from you.
    Thank you,Kathy!

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