Family Trip Accompanying A Cold

Trees were changing colors into yellow and red.  The mountain in front of me was magnificent.

We delayed to arrive in Idyllwild so much more than we had planned, but the log cabin, our stay, was waiting for us  with twinkling orange outer lights and a seasonal wreath at the entrance in the pitch darkness of the forest night as if a picture in a fairy tale.

This is a Finnish log cabin, which has  a cathedral ceiling at least 15 feet high.   Our family time spent in this big beautiful cabin  was so joyful that it didn’t betray my expectation at all.


Yet,  a bad cold which started a few days before the trip was with me all the time during the trip, also:

First day I gradually lost my voice followed by a sleepless night with heavily stuffed nose.

Next day  I ran a fever and had to stay at the cabin while others went  hiking.  

The third day my voice came back, so we went to Lake Hemet for fishing.  After we spent more than two hours to get licenses, parking permits, and all equipment, by the time we got the lake, the thick cloud started covering the sky and all of sudden, the temperature dropped.

We were freezing and gave up fishing within an hour without any catch

That night I was attacked by a relentless heavy cough.

Even after I got home, the symptoms have continued and today I had to cancel a chemo infusion including Tykerb, an oral drug, for a week due to a fever.   I did have a flu shot about two  weeks ago though, how come I got sick? I wondered.

Canceling Tuesday night Bible Study and Thursday volunteering at a homeless shelter, I realized that I was a chemo patient whose immune system was weak.  I should not load too much, but I am so thankful that I could make another memorable birthday trip with my beloved family in spite of the cold.

4 thoughts on “Family Trip Accompanying A Cold

  1. So happy you had a wonderful trip with your family. The pictures of Idyllwild make me want to visit too! I pray that you will feel better soon, Kathy. Take care and rest up and I will see you soon.

  2. I am so sorry that you got a cold! I am just now getting over one myself.
    Your log cabin looked so enticing! Good choice on your part. Maybe next year you can go back and land some fish.
    Great photos of your family!
    Hope to see you Sunday!
    Love, lenore

  3. You researched and made a good selection for our family trip – thank you!
    It was a good weekend, in spite of your not feeling well. We had a good time celebrating your birthday. Still a gift and glad we were all together. One more good memory!

  4. Hi Kathy…catching up on your blog again. So happy you had a nice family vacation, despite your cold. YOu look radiant in the family picture….I would never have guessed you’ve been ill! Keep going strong!! Miss you!

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