Fear Not The New Medicine

Getting nervous about starting Perjeta, a new medicine, I e-mailed my doctor once again to thank her and to ask about my next treatment.

Her answer was very kind:

“ I think to continue with Tykerb/Herceptin/Taxol would be fine……  At this point we want to do what is effective, has tolerable side effects, and most importantly what you are comfortable with.  Of course I understand your concern.  No need for thanks!”

She let me change the plan and go back to stay on the same regimen at least one more month until the next scan.  She said because nobody knows the right answer; I appreciate my doctor, who really listens to a patient.

On Thursday, at the chemo ward, finally I could talk with a nurse who knew about Perjeta.  Her patient has been on Perjeta in the regimen the FDA conditioned, with Herceptin + Taxotere.  The patient finished the 3rd cycle and she is doing fine with mild side effects.

As I said I got scared after I read a story that a patient who had used Perjeta with Taxol+TDM1 almost lost her vision, the nurse answered,

“Most comments people report in such a place are extreme because people who are fine usually don’t write about it.  Even for Herceptin, if you just look at the list of side effects, you would get scared because it is long.  I think Perjeta is the same as Herceptin.”

I see.  Her answer made sense and I was encouraged.

Next scan will be at the end of October.  I don’t know what kind of the result I will get, but I am thinking again of Perjeta as a next regimen.


One thought on “Fear Not The New Medicine

  1. Dear Kathy,
    I hope you get the new treatment without concern. I do really miss your smile and questions in class. Until we meet again, I will keep praying for you.

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