As Hope Grows

After having an enjoyable lunch with people from church, I did grocery shopping, blood withdrawal, and then at home I gave a couple piano lessons to my neighbor’s kids, walk with the old beagle, did laundry, and fixed dinner.  I was fine all through today without a nap or getting exhausted.

Since I added Taxol to my new regimen, I have had constant discomfort of numbness, tingling, pain, and stiffness of legs.

After the infusion on last Friday, as well as Saturday,  I got tired quickly and once I laid down for a nap, I could barely get up until next morning.  On top of that I found out that I had a difficulty of urination and my legs and the left hand with lymphedema were swollen.

I worried if this neuropathy had become permanent,  if the new drug, Perjeta, which I will have in a few weeks, might worsen current side effects, and if I could continue Taxol, which had been kicking the cancer out .

Then, “Dr. George” (my husband) suggested I take a diuretic, Advil, and a prescribed medicine for peripheral neuropathy.  I was reluctant to take more medicines, but  I took them anyway, and then yesterday and today, my limbs became normal size and I feel better!

Maybe it’s just because the time went by after the infusion.  Either way, I am thankful!

As I feel good, I feel like I can do so many things:  Perhaps I can continue Taxol, and even add Perjeta.  I feel even as if I were completely healthy!   It is a wonder that body and a mind are connected so tightly.

I called a nursing home to make an arrangement to play Christmas carols, which has been one of my resolutions of this year.

I had to give up volunteering at a hospital last May as I was afraid of many side effects of the new regimen,  but maybe I can do volunteering this semester.

Two college female students e-mailed me from Japan saying, “ Hi Kathy, I’m coming to study English!”  and right now I can say, “ Sure!  You’re very welcome!”

Even going to Japan may be possible.  Everything looks so hopeful!

I understand the reality is not so easy, but while I got fortified, I should move forward as much as possible.

One thought on “As Hope Grows

  1. May your hope grow – as you continue to serve God and his people. You continue to inspire and encourage many – living your purpose in life: to “bear fruit to the praise of his glory.” It’s what matters – and you are doing it. Gambatte-neh!

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