September 4th, 2012

Live with Joy

I have shared the good news of my cancer with everyone.

While receiving big hugs, I know at the very back of my mind is a voice, like the unknown white scattered images of the nodules in the lungs, saying, “ The nasty chemo will continue,” and “ Cancer is not gone yet.  It just couldn’t be seen by a scan.”

Yet, I should not let this voice ruin this joy.  Because I am living in uncertainty, I should make the joy multiply by sharing it with my family and friends.  I went to have sushi, again, and had a good Labor’s Day by having a BBQ with our kids.

Tomorrow cancer may come back, yet worrying about it is like worrying about having a big earthquake or a car accident tomorrow. Even if a statistic says there’s a high chance of relapse of cancer, nobody knows what will happen tomorrow except God.

You do your best, and leave the rest to the almighty heavenly Father. The Bible repeatedly tells so.

Even if we have a long life, without joy or hope it is just breathing and the same as being dead.

Even if we have good news, if we worry to lose it tomorrow, we would not appreciate it fully.

When something good happens, we should enjoy it, thanking God.

If a sad thing happens, ask God for help believing He is right next to us.

If we are not sure, ask God for wisdom, according to the Bible.

We deserve nothing, including a house to live, a job, health, or family, but everything is Grace. If we look around and think, “ Why me?”, that is a great temptation! We have to keep our gratitude to God.

Even if hair will never come back, a body is deformed and ugly, or a mind gets slowed down, we are still worthy for our Lord.

“ Fear not.  I am with you,” promised the Lord.

Until the day God comes to call me to His home, I’d like to live each day, each moment with joy and appreciation without having them be stolen by anxiety or trable.