Cancer Is Stable

The email I was longing for came from the oncologist with the result of the CT scan I had last week. It said briefly “ stable,” and suggested that we would discuss details at the next office visit, which is this Friday.

Honestly, I was disappointed, as I had hoped for more shrinkage.  Yet, it could have been worse with growing cancer.  I have to be thankful for this result.

As I read other cancer blogs, there are some people who stay on the same cocktails for many months being stable with cancer, which doesn’t go away.  Yet I feel like the cocktail I had lost effect compared with two months ago, and even if I continue to stay on the same, I don’t think that the effectiveness will come back.  It may be the time to change the cocktail, which I was thinking of anyway because of advanced side effects.

I have read that weekly Abraxane, the new form of Taxol bound with albumin, has less side effects and more effect on cancer in some articles as well as some blogs in which the patients said that their metastatic cancer was gone by Abraxane only.

If Perjeta (Pertuzamab) is really available for me, I probably need it now.

In order to prepare for the meeting with the oncologist this Friday, I requested the copy of the CT scan report.   It is the time for a second opinion, also.

My life is God’s hand.  May He lead me to the right next step!

One thought on “Cancer Is Stable

  1. Dear Kathy,
    I can feel and understand that you are disappointed with the report. It will be interesting to find out what your Doctor tells you on Friday.
    Keep praying and hoping for a good result with new treatment options!
    You are the best and most courageous fighter ever!

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