Hospital’s Efforts for Serving Patients

“Would you like to have some tea?”

A young girl wearing a blue jacket came to my chemo ward with a cart of tea and crackers.

She said she had various kinds of juice, tea, crackers, as well as water.

It reminded me of a food cart in a bullet train in Japan. (In a long distance train in Japan, a food cart comes to your seat instead of you going to a food car.)

Receiving some cinnamon apple tea, I thought this was a nice caring service.

She is a student who wanted to be a nurse, and does volunteering once a week in the oncology department.

If you go to the surgery waiting room, there is also a free coffee service, and in an in-patient building, there is a live piano concert by volunteers, regularly.  They are so good that the beautiful piano sounds invite patients from here and there.

Hallways are decorated with nice pictures and photos like a gallery, and through big windows the warm sun beams come in with peaceful green outdoor views.

Comfort dogs’  pictures

A gift shop selling plants wrapped with pretty ribbons, accessories, stuffed animals, ceramics, stationary goods, purses, and even jackets is also tasteful to draw attention.

Before my father passed, I visited him as an in-patient in a hospital in Japan. His room window, facing north, had an old yellowing curtain; the wall was dingy and empty; on the ceiling was a bare light bulb; and the only entertainment was a small pay TV. From the hallway there smelled a strong disinfectant odor.

I felt sorry for my father who had to stay all alone for weeks in such a gloomy place.  Later I heard this hospital was renovated, so hopefully it is now bright and cozy like an American hospital.

On every Wednesday in front of the hospital I go for the infusion, a farmer’s market is held.  Among fresh vegetables, fruits, pastries, cheese, and flowers, there is a live music performance as well.  Some people have a hard time to find parking spots probably because it invites not only patients but also the neighbors, but I like this vivid atmosphere and shopping there after the infusion is my routine.

Because treatments of  illness or injuries at a hospital is far from fun,  I appreciate hospitals making a great effort to provide a pleasant, comfortable environment like a hotel.

If I can ask one more thing, I would like them to upgrade the meals.  If that happens, I would never mind to be admitted.  Currently three hospitals in Torrance have been expanding their facilities.  I hope they will hire good chefs and make good restaurants! 🙂


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